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Laura Hamilton - A Place in the Sun

Summer of 2017 I was very lucky to have Laura Hamilton feature on my Wordpress version of My Spanish Vida. I loved this interview post so much that I had to transfer the post over here too

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We best know Laura Hamilton from our favourite property program 'A place in the Sun'. We watch Laura showing prospective buyers properties abroad in exciting destinations and tempting us to also find our very own Place in the Sun.

Along with wowing us with properties on the television both home and away Laura is not only a Mum to two gorgeous little ones, but also a wife, business owner - most recently taking over as Postmistress at Lord Roberts on the Green, writer for HELLO! magazine and taking part in shows like the Jump and Dancing on Ice, plus many more exciting projects she's involved with. Laura definitely is an all round girlboss and total inspiration.

I'm a big fan of Laura's and her work ethic, energy and zest for life. You can imagine I was thrilled when she very kindly agreed to answer a few questions for the blog. So read on to find out more about Laura's favourite places in the sun, if she's ever been tempted to snap up a property for herself whilst filming and how she stays in amazing shape whilst travelling the world.

You travel a lot with A Place in the Sun - What's your favourite place to film in with the program?

That really is a tough one to answer.  We own a family house in Spain so I love it when I am filming close by to it and I can stay there.  I am so lucky that I get to travel the work with my job, not only short haul destinations but long haul too. South Africa was an amazing place to see because my Dad was born there.

I've recently written a post about buying a property in Spain. What are your top tips when buying abroad?

Visit the place at different times of the year or find out what it is like out of season.  A lot of places can just be summer destinations - during the winter months they close down.  

When presenting A Place in the Sun do you ever get tempted to snap up any of the properties for yourself?

I nearly bought a ski chalet in Morzine and I found an amazing place in Lanzarote.  We already have our family ‘Place in The Sun’ so I try to use it as much as possible.

You are looking amazing lately. How do you stay in shape with all your travels and busy workload?

Running around after two children keeps me busy!  I actually developed a fitness app for the iPhone which I use when I can.  It’s the perfect workout to do anywhere at anytime.

You're always wearing gorgeous dresses and outfits on A Place in the Sun, what's your summer staple/must have?

Ahh thank you.  I don’t really have a staple outfit but as I am only 5’3 I always like to get some nice wedges!  I love 50’s style skirts and all of my clothes are from high-street stores.

Do your husband and children ever get to go away on location with you? 

Both of my children have travelled with me since they were three weeks old - I wouldn’t be able to do the job if I couldn’t be with them!  Alex comes to visit at weekends if he can - in fact he is visiting us this weekend in Spain and the children can’t wait.

Being a busy Mum, wife, T.V presenter, business owner, writer and all round Girlboss - how do you keep yourself organised and focused?

Lists, Lists, Lists!  My phone is full of them.  I never seem to get to the end of it as there are constantly things to do but its the only way I feel like I am able to keep on top of things.  I don’t relax very easily which is my downfall.

When you do get some down time, what's your favourite way to relax?

I find it hard to switch off so for me a good massage or beauty treatment has to be the best escapism.

What's been your favourite family holiday and why?

One of my favourite family holidays has to be to Lapland.  We spent four days there at the start of the year.  Although it was extremely cold (not what I am used to) It was action packed and the children loved it.  I booked an amazing package with Monarch who literally sorted everything out and I highly recommend it. 

You've traveled a lot, if you could only go back to one place where would that be?

I am a huge fan of the Maldives.  I have been four times and I am going again this October.  It is simply paradise.  We  have never taken the children before but this time we are.  If I could only ever go back to one place it would have to be the island of Mirihi.

And finally, I love a good quote. What quote do you love that get's you motivated?

It’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice.  I grew up with my Dad constantly saying that to me and it’s kind of stuck.

A big thank you again to Laura for taking the time out to answer my questions.

You can follow Laura over on Twitter and Instagram. Also keep up to date with all Laura's latest news at

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