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Slow January and life update

view of the sea from cabo roig marina

Hi guys,

How's everyone's January going?

Is it feeling a bit 'slow'?

I think I'm definitely suffering from a slow January.

The month itself is going pretty fast and everything I mean it's already the 16th January, but the creative side of me isn't really happening.

I'm not sure if it's the weather or the fact that to be honest nothing much has really been happening.

We have though, been lucky though to sneak in a couple of quick cheeky trips to the house in Spain which has been lush.

Just to feel a bit of sun on the bones and to be around bright skies really does lift the spirits.

When I'm back in Spain I really do feel so much happier, positive and inspired.

Even though when we are there we are usually running around like headless chickens getting stuff done. But it always feels a lot more achievable to get stuff 'done' when we're there.

I'm not sure how much of 'me' you guys follow and pick up from on social media, but since the end of last summer we were trying to buy a gorgeous finca deep in the Spanish countryside. Which sadly this week fell through, as the sellers couldn't wait any longer for our house to sell. 

It's a bit disappointing, but as always onwards and upwards! We still have a beautiful home in Spain that we love and there are tons of country fincas out there. There's no need to rush either as house prices don't really move too much in Spain. So for now we're just going to slow things down and enjoy the house we have.

Another new thing is we're leaving Paris and moving to Germany! Not for a couple of months yet mind, but we now have to start figuring out removals back to Spain and then start looking for a place to rent in Germany. So that will be keeping us busy over the next couple of months.

Also on the blog you may have notice a couple of contributed posts slipped in. I was approached for posts to be published on my blog, which I get to review them first and decide if I want to use them (and of course they pay me a tiny sum for my time). 

I've always been a little nervous of this because I'm paranoid fellow bloggers and you guys will think I've sold out or something stupid. Which I'm sure you don't!

I'm looking at it in a totally new way though. I think it's good to be able to share some other original content and that as long as it 'fits' with my blog and I think you guys might like it, then why not! But of course let me know your thoughts on this one!

So how are you guys finding January? Is it a slow January for you? Or are you finding things to keep you busy? Any tips on sparking some enthusiasm and creativity?! I need them!

Heather ♥

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  1. January has been a bit of a whirlwind for us, some good, some not so good but you gotta roll with the punches eh! I think its so exciting your off to Germany. Its like a non stop whirlwind of moving for you isnt it haha xx

    1. That is true - you gotta roll with the punches!- Eek Germany!nJust trying to arrange removals etc back to Spain from France and coordinating the furbies and us haha! Headaches! lol xxx


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