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The Accessories That Make Your Home Cosier

The weather is cold and all you want to do is be warm and cosy in your own home. You may have central heating or an open fire, but it is also good to have accessories that make your home feel cosier.

Make Your Fireplace The Focal Point

All living rooms have a focal point and for many years this has been the TV. With more people watching programs by streaming them on laptops and other digital devices, that is not the case any more. Even with central heating, many people still have a fireplace. Making that the focal point of your living room will immediately make your home feel cosier.

Cloth Upholstery With Cushions

If your furniture’s upholstery is cloth rather than something such as leather it will be much more inviting on a cold and chilly day. A few soft cushions help as well, as they make it so much nicer to snuggle into.

If you do have leather furniture, in the winter months put some fleece throws over it to make it warmer to sit down on.

Dress Your Tables

A bare table can look cold and uninviting. Tablecloths can make a difference, even ones for small side tables. They can also add some extra colour to a room and if they are in warm tones, will help to add a warm feeling too. Put a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit in the centre of the table to finish it off.


Having your lights low can help to create a cosier atmosphere. Using candles or glass lanterns can be a perfect way to get some mood lighting. Just make sure that they are in a safe place and the flame is not near anything that will burn.

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