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A Unique Royal History And Fortress To England

The small island that is around 2 miles off the coast of Hampshire in England is known as the Isle of Wight. It has one of the most fascinating histories that if you are planning to explore, will soon find out about. It was once a kingdom of itself and was and still is proud of its own culture. The 141,000 people live on the island that is 146 square miles and enjoy a coast all the way around. The island even has its own flag and as well as many titles and administrative qualities that pertain back to it's once independent standing. It's a great strategic point for the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth. It played a crucial role in World War Two as it was a giant lookout post for any German invasion that might have been brewing. On the island there are also the remnants of medieval buildings and a castle but also there is an equistiate Royal residence that is open to the public. You must explore this brilliant island from every angle and different areas so you need a good old campervan.

Why a campervan?

If you are going to explore an island that is big but not too big, you should be able to move around freely whenever you want. It's not like all the best things to experience are dead center in the city, but neither are they all around the coast. So you need to be flexible which is why you should ask yourself what is westfalia? It's the good old trusty VW campervan that has room for two people. It doesn’t cost a lot to run, and provides you with a kitchen and dining area. You can cook meals using a hotplate or installed cooking points, and eat a home cooked meal in your very own transport.
A stately home to behold

The construction of Osborne House started in 1845 and 6 years later, it was finished. It's a former Royal residence that is in East Cowes of the island. It's now open to the public. On it's grounds it has the old Britannia Royal Naval College. Here young men are taught about the military art of controlling ships in wartime. You can walk the entire length of the grounds, and enjoy the private beach that is specifically for visitors. The Osborne House was bought by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert during the Victorian Era in 1845. So much history and beauty lay here that you have to visit it while on the island.

A fortress within a fortress

The Isle of Wight once indeed a great help during the monumental Battle of Britain as it was used to spot incoming German aircraft. However, at Carisbrooke Castle you’ll experience a fortress within a fortress. It started being built in the 12th century and was in use until 1944. It's not open the public. The countryside surrounding the castle is breathtaking and reminds you of south west England.

The Isle of Wight played a crucial role in the history of the United Kingdom during WW2. It has to be explored from top to bottom, left to right because you’ll find here a fortress, a Victorian manor house, and a complex history involving the Royal Family.

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