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Is An Estate Agent Your Only Option?

For most people, selling a home is a relatively simple process, although it might be an expensive one. After getting your humble abode fit for sale, it is listed with an estate agent, for them to carry out viewings, receive offers, pass them to you and then hopefully come to an agreement on a sales price. Estate agents have often got a negative press with their use of euphemisms to describe homes and their extortionate rates of commission. ‘Good commuter links’ can mean the garden backs onto a railway line and ‘bijou’ can mean not enough room to swing a cat. As such, people have become wary and often mistrustful of these individuals. They want an alternative way to sell their homes.


While the concept of an estate agent has been to secure potential buyers past their retail frontage who may spot your dwelling listed for sale in their window, the online world has opened up a virtual estate agents window. Sites like Rightmove have become the first port of call for most property hunters. Many millennials looking to buy their first home haven’t ever been into an estate agent to look through hard copies of sale particulars. Instead, they go straight for the Internet.

Because heading online is so popular, fully online estate agents have cropped up. These tend to charge smaller rates of commission or none at all, and won't take any money from the seller until the property is sold. If you can provide your own photos and write your own sales particulars, you might get even more money off your advert. Your property can be listed online across a range of platforms within twenty four hours.

Enquiries can come straight to you or via the online agent, and the sales process occurs in the same way as it would with a traditional agent. Because these agencies are smaller and less well known, there can be concerns that they are volatile and could fold. This has happened in the past so needs to be a consideration.

Go It Alone

Sometimes, you may want to list your property without any sort of professional backing. You won’t have access to Rightmove or any other online platforms, but you will have Gumtree and eBay to work with. Going it alone will mean that your visibility is diminished, but you will have no commission or sales fees to pay.

If you have a highly desirable property or your home is in a sought after location, going it alone can be the perfect and most economical option. Some people are wary because they feel that they don’t understand the sales process. However, with a guide to conveyancing quotes by The Advisory and a top quality solicitor, there is very little in the way of specialist knowledge that you need.

While an estate agent is still the most popular way to list your home for sale, this is not the only way. Consider all of your options when you next move on to pastures new.

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