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Simple Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

You may have heard about an Indian summer before, but over the past couple of weeks we have been having a bot of an Indian spring or faux-spring, as the weather has been uncharacteristically warm and pleasant; not a cloud in the sky on some of the days. But now that we are in the month of March, can we technically say that spring is here? The flowers are starting to crop up and there are all things Easter in the shops. But the question is, is your home ready to welcome in spring?

If you’re in the mood for all things spring and the loveliness that it brings, then here is a quick guide to help you with some ways to get your home all ready for spring. It is what you have all been waiting for! 

Spring Clean
Whether you are a ‘Hincher’ or a have been loving all things Marie Kondo, now is the time to put it all into practice. Having a deep clean in time for spring, as well as a declutter can be a great way to brighten the home, freshen it up, and get rid of any list remaining hints of winter. You could just start with a room at a time, because little and often really is the way to go.
Bring Yellow Into The House
There is something so lovely and calming about the colour yellow, and it can be a great way to invite spring into your home. It could simply be with a throw or pillows for the bed or sofa, or just getting some fresh flowers like daffodils or tulips, as they are such a stereotypical nod to the season. It will give the room that it is in a fresh and bright look, especially if you like to decorate seasonally and have had some darker or more muted tones over the winter months.
Clean Windows
Alongside your deep spring clean, a great thing to do (or get done), is to clean your windows. There can be a lot of dirt and grime left on the windows from winter, so cleaning them up can make them sparkling clean. Ideally, the weather will be better in spring, so it means that they are likely to stay nicer for longer. It also helps the sun to shine through, warming the home, and brightening things up. Make sure that you open the windows each day too, so that the fresh air can circulate and hopefully eliminate any damp or mold that might have accumulated over winter.
Start Renovations
Not everyone is going to have renovations on their list of things to do in the spring. But if you have been thinking of knocking a wall down, extending the home, adding bifold doors, or just redecorating, now is the time to do so. The weather is hopefully better, and these kinds of job can all be done in time for the summer, when you can really enjoy them (whether that be an extension or a nice wide open-plan living space. Now is the time to start calling around to get quotes and then you can get the ball rolling.
Pack Winter Things Away
You might have some thick throws in your living room that have been keeping you warm in winter, or perhaps a super thick winter duvet on your bed. But things are only going to get better, so now is the time to start packing theses kinds of thing away. Label them up in boxes and get them back in storage until you need them next time. Then you can make way for lower tog duvets, and all things spring.
Spring Trinkets
If you like to decorate a mantelpiece or have a radiator cover that you want to adorn and make look cute, then spring is a great time for some adorable little trinkets that can look good in the home. Fresh flowers are a winner all year round, especially when you are using the ones that are in season at the time of year you are looking. But don’t forget about the value of some cute little bunny ornaments or other spring decorations. It is nearly Easter, so you could think about Easter decorations as well. The pastel colours of these kinds of decorations can look so good and make your home really look pretty.
Bring Nature In
Fresh flowers has already been talked about as a great way to add some colour to your home and bring in some fresh spring vibes. But anything outdoorsy that can be brought in is a good idea. Think about houseplants, for example. A cheese plant can be a lovely addition to the home and bring in a pop of colour, as well as succulents that are pretty easy to maintain and look after. You could even think about bamboo or wooden items in the home, for baskets and boxes, rather than plastic. Bringing a little of nature into the home can make a real difference to the look of the home, and can also be a much more sustainable way to shop.
Lighten Up Your Scents
If you are someone that likes to use scents in the home, whether that be scented candles or diffused essential oils, spring can call for some lighter scents, especially compared to winter. So the cranberry, cinnamon, pumpkin, pine, and clove kinds of smells should be packed away with your thick winter blankets and duvets. Eucalyptus, ginger, and floral scents are all great for spring, and citrus, though perfect for summer, can be great for the springtime as well.
Sort Your Outside Space
We can’t just talk about spring and your home without talking about your outside space, whether that is just a balcony, a driveway, or a large back garden, now is the time to give it a little sort out. If it has been pretty neglected over winter, it can be a good idea to clean it all up, rake leaves, pull weeds, and tend to any plants that are emerging though. *Contributed post*


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