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Things Grown Ups (Might) Want

Photo by Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash

People tend to say that when you are young, you have all the energy and time but no money. When you are a bit older and part of the working population, you have money, but no time. When you are old, you have time and money, but no energy. It’s a weird one, where we live to work and not the other way around. You should try to live and little and spend your money when you can enjoy it. So what are things you could think of when you have money but have outgrown the youthful wishes of a massive treehouse or all-you-can-eat sweets buffets? Here are some grown-up ideas you could potentially put on your wish list. 
A wine cellar or personal bar! Regardless if you are a wine person or a cocktail person, you would want something to enhance that experience. A wine cellar could lead to some serious collecting of all your favourite wines and impressing dinner guests. A personal bar could lead to you showing off your Tom Cruise-esque Cocktail skills to entertain. Either way, a fully stocked wine cellar or bar is always a good conversation starter and centrepiece for a fun-filled evening. Just bring a corkscrew or ice maker for either one.
A robot vacuum, with or without a cat standing on top of it. Let’s face it, you want one. Who doesn’t like the idea of a perfectly swept floor without having to lift a finger? It’s like having a pet that does the opposite of leaving its hairs all around the floor? The technology might still be a novelty at the moment, and with which comes a novelty price tag, but it’s just a matter of time before these become entirely mainstream. Add to that some smart voice assistant capability and you have the perfect pet slash house cleaner! Also, don’t stop there! Have you thought of a robot floor mop or robot grass mower? Also, there might even be a robot laundry folding machine on its way!
Less playful than a robot vacuum could be a very decent mattress and set of pillows! Gone are the times you have been handed down these items, now you can buy a state-of-art top-of-line luxury mattress and accompanying pillows. Go for that ultimate memory foam set that will not only remember the shape of your body but will make you doze off in 10 seconds flat and will ensure you wake up fully invigorated. It’s a bit of a jungle at the moment with so many companies trying to sell you the ‘best’ mattress. Word of advice, go out and try these mattresses yourself in a store before you decide!
A mattress is a very common sense thing to do, maybe too much so. Why not go for something truly crazy, like a smart toilet seat? You know, those crazy Japanese ones. These ones have features like cleaning your bottom, heated seats, warm-air drying, deodorising and, of course, music. This will help you relax while you are taking care of business, but will also cover up any splashing sounds. With soft closing lids and automatic opening of the toilet lid (dependant if you are facing the toilet or have your back to it), it’s kind of unimaginable why these toilet seats aren’t more widespread. That and hanging a small TV in your bathroom might just complete things, albeit some people might find this off-putting.  
Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash
A home cinema setup. Think of comfy chairs and a massive TV. Even better, get a projector and a suitable projection screen. If you have the room, why think twice? Nothing beats being able to unwind after a long day or workweek and sit back and enjoy a good film, without those eye-gouging cinema style prices! Now you don’t have to choose between salty or sweet popcorn, you can have both! The only downside of this all is: you will have to tidy up afterwards yourself!
The perfect entertainment and relaxing area out in the garden: a patio! Think of a low sun, some nice summer evening and curling up on your outdoor sofa while sipping an excellent wine. You could be reading a book or just listening to your favourite music. Patios come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can get any custom built to your specifications by patio builders. It might be a bit of an investment, but what you are getting back is an additional room to your house. Most likely this will become your favourite room in the house!
What about an in-house sauna? A tradition that has been around for ages, there must be something to it? And if you are getting uncomfortable thinking about sharing a public sauna with strangers, then a private one is a good way to go. Nothing will melt away stress quicker than a good session sitting in a steam room. You can even just ditch a towel altogether and enjoy this experience how nature intended you to be. You can get a sauna installed in your home or get an outdoor one.
While we are on the topic of saunas, why not go for a pool. Granted that your weather is not always suitable for outdoor swimming pool fun times, but with this climate change business at least you will get a few more days out of it! Having an outdoor swimming pool is a bit of an investment and will require maintenance, but being able to have a quick swim on a Sunday morning before having breakfast could be an ultimate fantasy for some.

Regardless of what you put on your ‘must buys’, the key is to live a little. After all, you can’t take your money with you when you leave this world. Having fun with it, getting something that might feel a bit outrageous or not rational is the whole point. That’s why you have been working so hard! And also, who doesn’t want the perfect tune when they are flushing the toilet? *Contributed Post*


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