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Creating more space under the sink

As you know from my post ‘ From Porch to Garden Room ’  I really am into the whole don’t move, improve mantra. Especially as at the moment we literally can’t decide where we’d move too if we did want to move or even what kind of house we’d want to buy. We love traditional, but there’s the pull of a brand new house that really appeals. All that aside we’re trying to make our house more comfortable and spacious. One of the things that bugs me is the lack of storage in the kitchen. I love our kitchen cabinets and that the kitchen is closed off. I always thought I’d want an open plan kitchen, but after having a semi open planned one in France, I definitely don’t anymore. For us the main reason is the fur-babies as they jump up and I’m terrified they’re gonna burn their little paws on the hob. With the potential furby dangers, the noise from the cooker and dishwasher, along with the smells and mess its nice to just be able to close the door on it all. Unfortunat