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Creating more space under the sink

As you know from my post From Porch to Garden Room I really am into the whole don’t move, improve mantra. Especially as at the moment we literally can’t decide where we’d move too if we did want to move or even what kind of house we’d want to buy. We love traditional, but there’s the pull of a brand new house that really appeals.

All that aside we’re trying to make our house more comfortable and spacious. One of the things that bugs me is the lack of storage in the kitchen.

I love our kitchen cabinets and that the kitchen is closed off. I always thought I’d want an open plan kitchen, but after having a semi open planned one in France, I definitely don’t anymore. For us the main reason is the fur-babies as they jump up and I’m terrified they’re gonna burn their little paws on the hob.

With the potential furby dangers, the noise from the cooker and dishwasher, along with the smells and mess its nice to just be able to close the door on it all.

Unfortunately there just isn’t enough space for everything in our kitchen. I’ve had massive clear outs and donated dishes etc to my mum and the charity shop. I’ve packed up boxes of excess mugs, plates and bowls for the cellar, but we still seem to have too much stuff and everything’s over spilling everywhere. I love a nice organized cupboard and at the moment it’s not doing anything for my borderline ocd.

Lily and Rae inspecting the cupboard

The main cupboard that's been bothering me lately is the ‘under the sink’ cupboard. Crammed full of cleaning products, car washing stuff, shoe polish, dusters, cloths and sponges. Certainly not the organized Narnia of Mrs Hinch, but more like the sight of a cleaning mad hoarder who has a duster obsession.

The cupboard under the sink is a fair size, compared to the other cabinets, but I just felt it was losing so much storage potential from not having any sort of shelving in it. It was just one big empty space. I mentioned this to Mark to see if there was anything we could do, If there was anyway of putting shelves in like we had in the English house.

Because of the way all the pipes etc are fitted there wasn’t really space for a shelf to go all the way across. But my diy wizard of a husband came up with the idea of sectioning one side off.

Off we went to our local Leroy Merlin, which is like a B&Q, with our measurements and plan for our new shelf.

We chose a simple white piece of wood to be the actual shelf. Not too flimsy mind, you want something to be sturdy enough to hold your bit’s and pieces. We also bought a strip of wood to act as the batten and a square metal ‘leg’ too. It probably all came to less then €5 and they cut the wood to size for free.

Back home and a couple of holes for the leg to screw into made.
One piece of the batten screwed to the back and to the side of the carcass and the square piece of wood placed on top with a cheeky squirt of no nails, there we have our new space saving shelf.

Easy, cheap and effective.

Do you love to organize your cupboards? What’s your top storage hack/solution? Let’s chat in the comments below! 



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