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Our first month in Leipzig

This post is well overdue!  Mark started his new job in Germany back in March and I started writing this post in May. With one thing and another my blog has taken a backseat. I'm hoping to fill you in on some of the things we got up to in Leipzig between the end of March and April/May and bring the blog back up to date. In a nutshell we're splitting our time between Leipzig - for Mark’s work and Spain - our home. So lot’s of commuting, flying and driving to get ourselves where we need to be, but as always it's worth it. To reach our goal for our future life for us and the fur-babies this is what we need to do. It’s extremely hard going emotionally and physically, but we know it’ll all be worth it in the end. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  So, Leipzig, Germany.  I really feel in our short space of time we have done so much already! Don’t forget we’re back in Spain at the weekends, Mark works pretty much 24/7, so I think we’re doing well! Here’s what