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Daily 'summer' skin routine

Summer is finally upon us and it's probably a time when we're out and about more then ever. Meeting up with friends, enjoying the great outdoors and our skin is lapping up that vitamin D. 

I love the summer and living in Spain we are blessed with the sunny weather for longer. Which means I'm more mindful of making sure my skin is protected from harmful rays. 

Over the years my daily skin routine has completely changed. It's gone from having tons of products to just a few.

These days, especially in the summer I hardly wear any make-up whatsoever. Maybe a slick of mascara and a dusting of highlighter in the evening if we go out, but even then that feels too much.

It's just far too warm.

Also, it takes up too much time as well. Especially when away on vacation, who really wants to spend an hour putting a full face of make-up on?

These days my daily summer skin routine is super simple. The way I like it. I also think my skin is starting to look better for it and the bank balance too!

I start by using a regular face wash from the supermarket. At the moment it's Tesco's kind & pure cleansing face wash (for sensitive skin, fragrance free). I find a face wash is more gentle then soap and doesn't give my skin that 'tight' feeling.

Then I use a cleanser or toner. Again a supermarkets own is doing the trick. Asda's kind & gentle facial toner (for sensitive skin) is the one I'm currently using.

I would then usually apply face moisturiser. But this year I have ditched that completely and gone straight in for factor 30 suncream. I've picked up one from Al Campo and I think it's their own brand 'Cosmia'. It's an anti-age protective face cream with that all important spf 30.

I know that from the minute I walk out the door my face is protected and I'm all set for the day.

There would of been a time I wouldn't of dared to go out completely au naturel, without a drop of make-up on. Even in the daytime, but I am loving the quickness of getting ready in the mornings, I feel I have more time because of this new daily routine. 

I don't know if it's the products I'm using, or the fact my skin is breathing or maybe because I'm drinking tons of water - maybe all are a factor -  but whatever it is, it's making my skin look and feel so much better.

Do you have a different skin/beauty routine in the summer? What are your go-to essentials for your skin? Any tips or tricks for fresh skin?

Heather x


  1. Hi! Just found your blog, I live in the Orihuela Costa area, will definitely be checking out that cream from Alcampo. Have you tried the new Primor makeup shop opposite Primark in the Boulevard? It's so good!

    1. Hi Charlotte-Rose! I've seen the new Primor but haven't checked it out yet. I will do for sure. Great that you live here too and thank you for stopping by the blog and connecting on insta too! xx


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