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Denim shorts

Can we talk about denim shorts?

I love denim, I think most of us do and denim shorts are that summer staple we all need and probably have in our wardrobe. 

Since living in Spain I have noticed something over the years which is really becoming a big bug bear of mine.

Maybe I'm getting older and turning into a big old prude I'm not sure, but I feel these thoughts need to be addressed.

The length of denim shorts these days.

Now, I do have the 'regular short' denim shorts and I have been guilty in the past of getting giddy when a size 10 fit's and I immediately purchase them. It's not until reality sets in and I actually start to wear them on a day to day basis in the heat and they become super tight, I'm pulling them down every five minutes and they just become so uncomfortable. I say to myself every time, why didn't you just get the next size up.

Yes they may fit, but in the summer we all swell a little in the heat and said shorts become tight and uncomfortable. Well they do on me, I can't be the only one.

The new length of denim shorts that seems to be getting more and more popular each year are these really really, really short ones where basically the cheeks are popping out!

Seriously, I'm sorry, but they don't look good, on anyone!

Yes, it's all good having the confidence to wear these, but I really don't get the obsession with them, because even on the best figure in the world they don't look good, sorry.

Now, I have a drawer full of the 'regular short' denim shorts upstairs, but as I've gained a few lbs I just can't bring myself to wear them. They do up fine, but they are snug and I just can't inflict the sight of me in them on people. So how people think it's acceptable to wear ones even shorter with their cheeks hanging out is beside me. I really don't get it.

When it comes to denim shorts, I understand it's hot and we just want to be cool, but wearing tight denim surely is not the way.

I think denim shorts look loads better when you go up a size and I particularly like the boyfriend fit. Where they're a little baggy around the tops of the legs and loose on the waist. I think they actually come across more slimming and more flattering too.

Maybe it's my age or lack of body confidence, but seeing people squeeze into these 'cheeky' shorts (of all ages I'm talking here) I just can't stand it lol. Oh and don't get me started on the skin tight jeans the guys are wearing these days!

What's your view on denim shorts? Am I just totally 'not with it'? Would love to know your thoughts.

Heather x

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