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Ideas for freshening up your bedroom for summer

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If your anything like me I'm always thinking of ways to spruce up the home. Especially with our new house purchase on the horizon which is a mega doer-upper I'm obsessed with everything home at the moment.

Do you ever look at the rooms in your house and think actually you're making me feel tired rather than energised? Is everything starting to seem a little dull and flat especially in the summer?

I always think I'm lacking a bit of vibrancy and oomph when it comes to home furnishings, especially in my bedroom and dressing room.

If this sounds like you as well then I think we all could do with a summer bedroom makeover and inject some life back into our decor.

To do this it really doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Here's some really easy ideas that you can do to freshen up your bedroom (or any room actually) for summer.

Let There Be Light 

Letting in the light and switching up your window coverings is a surefire way to have your boudoir looking more summery in no time at all. A hot, stuffy bedroom with heavy curtains simply isn't comfortable to sleep in on warmer nights. Try some lighter roller-blinds with a black out lining or some chic wooden plantation shutters that give you that new summer-appropriate look. Sheer fabrics for the windows like linen or cotton give that cool and breezy vibe, but are still practical because they let the light in and keep the summer heat out.

Go For Lighter Textures 

Use the warmer nights as an excuse to makeover your heavy throws, cosy sheets and faux fur rugs and swap them for lighter textures - a linen or woven jute texture on cushions or on modern rugs are a good choice.

Breathable, cotton bed linens will help you sleep easier.

Store your heavier tog duvets and bedding in vacuum packed bags during the summer months. Also, it's quite a good idea to keep some of your blankets in easy reach like in a chest or at the top of the wardrobe, so you can pull them out if it gets a bit chilly in the evenings. 

Streamline Your Space 

The warmer, longer days are the perfect opportunity to really have a de-clutter and reorganise your space. Have a look at the KonMari Method to give you a guide as to where to start. Too many nik-naks can actually weigh down a room. They can make the room look too busy, which then in turn makes the room feel like a less calming environment.

Put away any out of season clothes and go through the ones you do have to see if there's any that can be donated to your local charity shop. The less clutter you have the easier it is to breathe in your own space. 

Add Some Colour 

Using bright, beautiful colours in your home can really give it a taste of summer. Upbeat colours instantly lift your mood and make you feel ready for anything. Treating yourself to new colourful bedding is a great place to dip your toe into the water if you aren’t quite ready for serious colour on the walls.

Also, by decorating just one wall with brightly patterned feature wallpaper can really add a designer touch to your bedroom’s look.

A well-chosen piece of art in bold tones can also do a lot to break up expanses of neutral wall and can really add character into the space.

Using colour within accessories like lamps and cushions can also help you create a subtle, but harmonious scheme.

Bring The Outside In

Greenery has the power to freshen up your space - both visually and also literally, as leafy green plants act as a natural air purifier too. 

Even if you prefer plain white walls, leafy green plants will really pop and instantly makes the room feel cooler. I'd recommend going for easy to care for plants like cactus, rubber plants or spider plants as not only do they look good, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and watering either.

Colourful pots and planters is also a simple fun way to freshen up your bedroom decor.

Does your room need a bit of a freshen up this summer? What do you like to do to spruce up your spaces in the home?

Heather x


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