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May Day in Leipzig

Leading on from my previous post Our first month in Leipzig and catching up with the blog as I've been super behind, here's how we spent another one of the many bank holidays Germany has! May Day in Leipzig.

1st May 2019

May Day bank holiday for us in Europe was on the actual day, whereas the UK very nicely tags it onto the weekend! Which ever way it falls, bank holidays are always such a fun bonus day off.

As we were in Germany we thought we’d head back into Leipzig for lunch and a mooch.

We decided not to hit the beers like we did on the last bank holiday, read here, not that we had a session or anything, grand total of two pints, it still gave us a fuzzy head lol, I think it’s day drinking not agreeing with us anymore, getting old!

First of all we had a little wonder around taking in the beautiful architecture and amazed with the detail of the buildings on every corner of the city.

With the shops being shut and it being slightly quieter, although still a fair amount of people around, it meant you could really have a good look around and take everything in.

Down one of the side roads we stumbled across a café/restaurant that we thought looked nice and quaint being able to sit outside on the cobbled streets. It was called Alte Nikolaischule, right next door to the Richard Wagner museum.

To eat we both had currywurst, pomme frites and a diet coke. The currywurst was super tasty and the chips were too!

The alfresco setting was cool and laid back, somewhere we will definitely return too!

Bellies full we took ourselves off for another wonder of the city streets, taking in the relaxed buzz of the city.

We ended up back at the main square and fancied a little tipple before catching the train back to our apartment.

The bars and restaurants we’re super busy and felt slightly claustrophobic around the main drag, so we strolled down one of the side streets and stumbled across even more beautiful restaurants, bars and cafés. We took a seat outside the Kartoffelhaus No1. Two glasses of rosé ordered and we sat, sipped, chatted while watching the world go by.

A lovely way to spend May Day in Leipzig.

Heather x

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