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Money saving ideas

Money saving ideas

We all have different things going on in our lives. We're all busy. We're all creating a future for us and our little families. One thing I'm sure we have in common is that we're all trying to save some money somewhere.

Whether it's for a holiday, a car, university or simply for a rainy day. We're all constantly thinking of some money saving ideas.

Ours at the moment is for our house.

The purchase is imminent and we are having massive alterations done to the property. It's all so exciting as we are literally creating our forever home, but it's scary too as it's gonna cost so much money.

So somethings got to give.

Money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately and we only have the one income, so we really need to look at our finances and strip everything back to see where we can save money from.

A few years ago I wrote a post on the blog with some money saving ideas just here
All still relevant for sure and here's a few more to add to the list:

Grocery shopping

Food is probably mine and Marks biggest spend. We are always in the supermarket, especially at the weekends, we get so giddy and literally buy all the treats!

So.... 1. Do the grocery shop on your own. If one of you is a bad influence or you become bad influences on each other (like me and Mark), be strong and do the grocery shop on your own.

2. Stick to your list. Plan ahead with what you need for the week. Try to think of meal ideas before you go shopping. List out literally how many lunches/dinners you need to buy for.

3. Check your cupboards before you go. I ended up buying some more mayo today as the one in the fridge is nearly finished. When I got home I found we already had a spare one, but it was in our other fridge. Luckily mayo has a long use by date.

4. Eat before you go shopping. I think we've all probably heard this one haven't we, don't go shopping on an empty stomach. It's so true though because you will end up filling your trolley with all sorts of random foods that you really don't need.

5. Take a drink with you. So if you get thirsty during the shop you won't get tempted by the coffee shop when you're finished and waste unnecessary money (and calories) on coffee and cake.

Clothes shopping

This is quite a simple one and something I've been trying to do for a while now. The one in one out - only buy something if it's replacing something that's fallen apart. For example how many of us have got ten black vest tops in our drawer. We only need one or maybe two, but that's it! Stop over duplicating everything. 

Also, when buying new clothes think about and say to yourself do I really need that. Like really need it. Try putting it back and then thinking about it when you get home. Most of the time it gets forgotten about and you'll be pleased you didn't buy the item as you probably really didn't need it in the first place. Also how many times, like me, have you bought something at the shops that you fall in love with and get so excited about, but then it doesn't actually get worn for weeks or ever! So it wasn't really necessary to buy it in the first place.

Obviously if you're going to a special occasion like a wedding, you probably will need to buy a new outfit. You should still be savvy about it and say to yourself, where would I wear this again. Can it be worn for a different situation/occasion/event/can it be dressed down. If the answers no, put it back and buy something that's more versatile.

Eating out

When going out for a meal you can still eat well, but again it's all about being a little bit savvy. I'm sure we're all guilty of over ordering, eyes being bigger then our bellies scenario.

When out try sharing the starter and the dessert. Or even the main too. We went out last weekend and had a carbonara each which was delicious, but we were absolutely stuffed. Each portion was massive and one dish would of been plenty for two. So next time we will share it instead.

By sharing dishes, less will be wasted, it will obviously half your dinner bill and also save your waistline a bit too! 

It's all about making sacrifices and being a little bit more savvy in your day to day life. By making some small changes hopefully it'll lead to more money being saved towards your overall goal.

Let me know your money saving ideas and tips in the comments below.

Heather x


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