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Diary chats - Rainy day

So yesterday it poured it down here in Spain.

It must of been heavy through the night as everything was soaking when I opened the blinds and our poor little garden (stray) cats were drenched through. 

It broke my heart to see them like that. It wasn't cold outside, but it was ridiculously wet as you could imagine. I promptly emptied our garden room (see our garden room here) of all the soft furnishing, so it just left the chairs and a couple of the side tables and let them have it for the day. 

Our indoor fur-gang were a bit miffed why the main door was shut and they couldn't access their beloved garden room, but for one day I'm sure they could cope. They do have the whole house to play and sleep in after all.

Mummy, Sylvie and Dusty absolutely loved having the garden room and snoozed in there all morning and well into the afternoon. Once the rain stopped, the heavy clouds parted and the blue skies with beaming sunshine appeared, they soon vacated back out to the roam the great outdoors, aka our garden. 

Rainy days don't happen here too often, but when it does rain it absolutely pours.

If I'm totally honest I actually welcomed the rain and felt quite relieved for a few degrees lower on the mercury for a few hours. 

It's hard to explain, but having a dull rainy day actually boosted me and gave me some motivation which I have been lacking the last few days. Odd isn't it as when living in the UK all we do is crave the warm weather.

I think it's all about finding that happy medium.

I'm so looking forward to the new house as the garden has lot's of shady areas and I'm planning a relaxing, zen inspired chill area, where I can escape the intense summer heat, but still take advantage of the warm air. 

Our garden where we are now is south facing, which is lush, but we literally don't have any shady areas at all and we're not really into big parasols as they take up so much space.

It has been incredibly hot here recently and I think the rain was needed.

Does a change in the weather affect your mood? 
Are you a warm climate person or do you love the colder climes?

x Heather


  1. Rainy days are my favorite - melancholic, moody and cozy (if you are at home, watching the rain from the window). I'm weather-dependent person, totally changes my mood and they way I feel!

    Lots of love ♥ January Girl


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