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Mini break to Fort Lauderdale - staying at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

- this post contains affiliate links - read more on my disclaimer/contact  page - * * * * * * * * Not many people travel over 19 hrs, two flights with long waits at airports for just four nights away. But yes, we do, Mark and I are the crazy ones that do this! We weren't going to have a 'holiday' this year, just happy with staycations at our home in Spain, chilling with the furbies, the pool and maybe try to do some 'holiday' type stuff locally at home. Mark fly's so much during the week as he commutes to Germany for work, that the last thing he wants to do was have more flying during his vacation as well. Totally understandable really. Out of nowhere a few months ago we just got the urge to go away on holiday. We were chatting about Florida and how we loved our break to  Cape Coral last year, but felt like we missed going to Fort Lauderdale. Not wanting to go for the whole of the time Mark had off, as we did want time at hom

Renovation project - 4 weeks in

A t the beginning of August we completed on our new house and in the last few weeks the renovation project has really got underway and is moving really quickly. It's all so exciting! When Mark was hospitalised back in May we were in the process of buying a different house. Slightly bigger as it had a separate out building, that could be used as a self contained studio, but it was on a smaller plot then the one we've just bought. The previous house was also a do-er upper, but even more then this one as we'd have to make it into a two story to try to grab some views or try to make some sort of roof terrace along with everything inside and out needing doing. We were completely sold on the area though and knew that's where we wanted our forever home to be. Then Mark was taken into hospital and the house fell through, long story, but definitely a blessing in disguise (the house falling through that is, not Mark being in hospital!). Our estate agent got in t