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Diary chats - Blog, it's been a while...


So, it's been a while over here on my little blog.

I seem to go in fit's and starts over here and I really don't know why as I do love my blog. My little corner of the internet, where you guys can come and check in on my thoughts and goings on. 

Maybe it's because we've had quite a lot going on in our life lately and I guess my focus has been elsewhere.

I can't deny though, I always seem to feel a little bit lost with being a 'blogger'.

I don't really like calling myself a 'blogger'. I feel like I'm being a bit of a fraud as I don't get invited to events, I don't have this so-called 'blogger tribe' or have tons of pr samples flooding my letter box. I certainly don't have the big stats and I still don't understand SEO. I'm not the best photographer or writer either, I'm just someone who has a blog.

I think for too long I've been trying to fit into the whole 'blogger' thing, whatever that maybe. I don't really know. But I do know that, I like having this little hobby of sharing bit's and pieces of my life and hopefully inspire and entertain you along the way.

I'm a bit fed up with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter lately. 
But the draw is there isn't it, just can't give them up. 

I'm going to try to use my blog more to share the everyday stuff as well as more lengthy posts. Suncream and Sparkles is not a fancy, polished editorial style blog and probably never will be, I'm not sure I'd want it to be either? Just a casual place to escape and share all that's happening in my little world.

Are you a blogger? Do you find it hard to find where you fit in this online world? Or maybe in life? Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to fit in? Do you like the editorial blogs or more casual 'relatable' blogs? Let's chat in the comments below... 

♥ Heather 


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