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Lo Pagan - Max's Beach Indian Restaurant

After a visit to the house this morning we popped down to Lo Pagan for some vitamin sea . Lo Pagan is rapidly becoming one of our favourite areas here on the Costa Blanca. It's actually on the Mar Menor and is such a pretty stretch of beach with an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars. When my Auntie was over a few weeks ago staying with my Mum, Mark and I took Mum and my Auntie down there and they thoroughly enjoyed it. We all did! You get that instant holiday feel and all the relaxing beachy vibes. So after another week of stressful house renovations we needed to soak up some of those vibes again. Max's Beach Indian Restaurant is starting to become our go-to place when we go there. Situated a stones throw across from the promenade, but they also have tables and chairs set up on the beach-side too. It was super windy today so we sat across the road to get a little shelter from the wind. We shared a chicken tikka wrap that comes with chips and is

Morocco on a Budget

Image from Pixabay: CC0 licence Morocco on a Budget is a contributed post to my blog. I enjoyed reading this post as Morocco has always been somewhere I've wanted to visit and just chatting to Mark he's up for a trip there too! * * * * * * * * * * The problem with living in such an accessible world is that there is just so much we want to see and so many places we want to visit. The other issue is that all this jet setting costs money. One place that simply must be part of any bucket list is Morocco. This north African city is alive with history, culture and amazing food. Travelling to Morocco If you’re travelling from Europe and find the cost of a flight prohibitive or are keen to reduce your carbon footprint, then there are alternatives. For a start you might want to consider catching a ferry from Spain to Morocco, leaving at a variety of different ports all a drive or train ride from other destinations in Europe. As well as being slightly cheape