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Morocco on a Budget

Image from Pixabay: CC0 licence

Morocco on a Budget is a contributed post to my blog. I enjoyed reading this post as Morocco has always been somewhere I've wanted to visit and just chatting to Mark he's up for a trip there too!

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The problem with living in such an accessible world is that there is just so much we want to see and so many places we want to visit. The other issue is that all this jet setting costs money. One place that simply must be part of any bucket list is Morocco. This north African city is alive with history, culture and amazing food.

Travelling to Morocco

If you’re travelling from Europe and find the cost of a flight prohibitive or are keen to reduce your carbon footprint, then there are alternatives.

For a start you might want to consider catching a ferry from Spain to Morocco, leaving at a variety of different ports all a drive or train ride from other destinations in Europe. As well as being slightly cheaper on the pocket, this travel option allows you to take your time, taking in plenty of sights along the way and enjoying the romance of docking at the Moroccan port.


You will also find a plethora of cheap hotels and even cheaper hostels in and around Morocco but be fussy and make sure they are always what they say they are. If you opt for a hostel, an excellent way to save money in often very reasonable accommodation make sure to check the room set up. Make sure, particularly if you’re a woman travelling alone, that you are offered women only dorms and that there is lockable storage for your valuables.

Getting Around

Naturally, the very best way to travel around is on foot. But the public transport in the city is also very good. One great way of saving money is by taking a Grand Taxi, which can easily fit five or six of you and is great for sharing the fare. This can generally work out even cheaper than a bus when split between a few of you.

Eating Out

One thing that won’t happen to you in Morocco is going hungry. Even restaurant food can be fairly cheap but eat at the market stalls and find your favourite street food stall and you’ll be back again and again.

You could buy groceries and cook at home but you may find this ends up being more expensive than eating out. One thing you may find yourself saving money on is alcohol. As a Muslim country, alcohol is not widely available and where you do find it in the more western areas, it can be prohibitively expensive. Instead join the locals drinking the popular mint tea and shooting the breeze in the market place.
While you don’t want to compromise on safety while you’re travelling, particularly if you’re travelling alone, you do want to save money on your accommodation. After all you’re not planning on spending too much time there but rather exploring the city and your surroundings.

It has to be lived to be fully appreciated so in this guide we take you through our top tips for seeing Morocco on a budget, without compromising on your experience of this ancient city.

Seeing the Sights

Like the Grand Taxi there are plenty of opportunities to split the cost of a tour guide with friends or a group of like-minded strangers and sharing the transport. Trips to Marrakech and other popular tourist sites are relatively inexpensive and if you’re saving money on the rest of your trip, then this is where you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out.

From a low to mid-range budget it’s perfectly possible to experience Morocco without missing a thing. If you have a little more cash to splash then find the Best Morocco Tours and let someone else do the organising for you.

Otherwise be prepared to eat and drink with the locals, experiencing the best tea and tagines you’ll ever taste, explore the markets and wander through the medinas. There’s so much scope for visiting the surrounding areas, including the stunning Atlas Mountains and so on, you’ll be glad you saved money on your accommodation and travel and saved it all up to make the most of this stunning area.

A trip to Morocco is a trip in a lifetime, so get dreaming, get planning and get yourself to Morocco.


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