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Diary chats - past the expiry date

I've wanted to write out a few blog posts on here for a while now, but I feel I've literally procrastinated so much that everything I had in my head is all a little expired and feels far too much in the past and past the fact even to be able to fill you in on the little bit's that have been happening here and there.

Especially when I do like my blog to be in the here and now, in the present.

My previous post about La Manga, again was posted completely past the fact. I had every intention on sharing our trip immediately after we got back, but again time just slipped away. Even though I have posted about it the other day, I admit myself that the post feels a bit bland and with not much oomph in it because I've literally written about it way past the expiry date.

I always say to Mark 'Oh I'm gonna pop that on my blog', but by the time I actually get round to do it it does feel the 'story or event is way to past it's expiry date to be of any interest or relevance anymore.

I really need to get myself into gear and update as soon as 'it' happens instead of always putting it off till tomorrow. As when that tomorrow comes it's all to late and is far too much in the past.

I also wanted to tell you ages ago about our move to the new house and the final renovations, but that was back in mid January so it all feels too late now and well, 'expired'.

I was hoping with the lockdown at the moment it would be the perfect opportunity to get back on the blog and up date on everything, but it just hasn't been the case.

I'm hoping that by writing this rambled post it kind of makes everything real and that I'm in someway committing myself to get off my backside and start updating and sharing things as soon as they happen.

That's the plan anyway!

I hope you're all keeping well during this very bizarre pandemic and remember it won't last forever.

Stay home and stay safe ♥

x Heather

~ do you ever get put off posting things to your blog because you feel they're past the expiry date? or are you happy to read about past experiences? love to know your thoughts - let's chat in the comments below ~


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