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Garden projects

The first few weeks of lockdown seemed to be a rotation of going from bed and pj's to settee and 'day' pj's. We did feel very unmotivated and fed up to be honest as we had constant rain, miserable weather and nothing really on the T.V to watch. Then the rain finally stopped, the sun came out and our local builders merchant opened for deliveries to the general public. We were in full swing again.

Mark and I love our diy and garden projects. The garden is what sold us our place. A complete overgrown mess, on a slope, trees fallen down, crazy spiky overgrown cactus everywhere, but we fell in love and instantly could see the gardens potential and many fun garden projects ahead.

One of the biggest jobs is to clear the garden. The other day, I started concentrating on one area then I will slowly work around the garden. We have a waterfall going through the garden, well technically it's the water runaway for the street as when it rains here it absolutely chucks it down! We absolutely love the waterfall though (as I like to call it) and it's a great feature to have in the garden.

I've started to clear the overgrown weeds and debris from around the waterfall. Still a lot to go, but I've made a good start. It was hard work and hot. As once you've pulled the weeds out, dodged the stinging nettles and spiky cactus you are then dragging it all up the slope to the big pile we have forming of all our debris - we will have to order a skip as there's so much garden waste. I had bugs and mosquitoes in the air flying around constantly, even though I sprayed myself with repellent I still ended up with tons of bites and even a heat rash across my stomach! Note to self: don't do serious gardening in just a bikini in future.

I'm really pleased with the progress so far and after a couple of days off for my skin to rest, I'm ready to get back out and start tackling the next section.

x Heather


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