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Mil Palmeras - Roman Quarry

Don't you love to have a little bit of history right on your doorstep?

Located between two beautiful beaches, Mil Palmeras and Cala de la Lombriz we have our very own Roman Quarry dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries BC.

Quite amazing really to have the original quarry in perfect reach where you're even able to walk through the quarry feeling the history between your toes.

The reason for the quarry was to dig up the sandstone building blocks to be used in construction. It also says that it is possible that the quarry was not only used in Roman rule but also the middle ages and modern times too.

I love that there's now a viewing platform so you can get a really good view of the quarry and also the beautiful views out to sea.

I'm hoping to find more little pieces of history and fun information to share with you from around our beautiful coastline here on the Costa Blanca.

x Heather


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