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Printsfield Socks - Personlised gifts

~ ad, the product in this post was gifted in exchange for an honest review, see my disclaimer/contact page for more info regarding gifting/paid/affiliate posts ~ 

I'm quite picky these days when it comes to product reviews and sponsored posts, so when I saw Printsfield were looking for bloggers to review a pair of their socks with a picture of your fur-baby, I was in!

Having seven fur-babies it took me forever to decide who to have immortalised on a pair of socks. I went through them all trying to decide. The guilt was real when trying to decide I can assure you. Should I pick Dusty our youngest, all cute, playful and fluffy? Or our dainty lovable Luna who has the sweetest face? But then there's Rae who is just too squishy and a Garfield lookalike! Then we have Mumma Bear who again is a big fluffy beauty. Sylvie with her adorable 'felix the cat' face and Lily with her beautiful green eyes and mischievous look.

I finally decided to choose Poppy, our eldest fur-baby who loves her picture being taken. Then I had to decide on the picture. Things were getting stressful guys haha!

I, like probably most of us fur-parents have zillions of pictures of my fur-babies and I just couldn't decide which one to choose. So I decided just to take a brand new one and see what happens!

At the end of the day ALL the pics of our fur-babies are gorgeous, right?

It was so easy to order the socks with Printsfield. It literally took minutes, easy peasy. Well once you decide on the colour and design you want as they have a really good selection to choose from!

I love the idea of Printsfield. It's a really fun and original way to send a personlised gift to someone special. Actually, it's the perfect way, especially at the moment to show someone you're thinking of them or sending a birthday pressie direct to them without having to leave the house! 

You don't have to personlise with your favourite fur-baby either, you can also use your own face! Along with socks, which are nice and long by the way! You can personlise underwear, mugs notebooks and more!

Also Printsfield have kindly gifted you guys 20% discount off anything on their website! Just use the code suncreamandsparkles20 at the checkout. 
Code is always valid with no expiry date →

So what are you gonna get?! Send your boyfriend some boxers with your face on, haha?! Or a mug to your mum with her favourite pooch?! Or maybe a cool notebook for your bestie with their adorable fluffball on?

Hope you enjoy sending these fun, unique gifts to your friends and family!

x Heather


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