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La Mirada Pool, La Zenia, Spain

La Mirada Restaurante in La Zenia has always been one of our favourites. From coffee's in the winter over looking the beach to lounging by the poolside in the summer, it is always one of our go-to places and to date it's never one to disappoint. Today we headed down to the pool to have a bit of a 'holiday' day which was very much needed especially after our recent not so great hotel stay in Torre Pacheco (see the post  here ). Before entering the pool you buy your wristband from the bar opposite the pool, €9 for a sunbed and pool, €5 for pool only. Then relax for the rest of the day! Pedro the pool guy is excellent. He's always so friendly, helpful and very efficient. To our surprise the pool was very quiet. It's coming to the end of the summer holiday's but we didn't expect things to start quietening down until next week. The food at La Mirada has always been consistently good and such a varied menu. We went for a little tapas today, Cal

Caleia Mar Menor Golf & Spa Resort, Spain

~ Disclaimer - this hotel stay was completely paid for ourselves. In the past I probably wouldn't of shared the experience as I don't want my blog to be negative, but I feel it's only fair to share my experiences whether they are good or bad ~ ..................................... After my excited post the other day (see the post  here ) about our upcoming stay-cation it unfortunately turned out not to be the relaxing hotel stay we were hoping for and very much looking forward too. We have actually stayed at this hotel before, but when it was an Intercontinental and we weren't really that impressed back then. To the point we didn't even stay the night, just came back in the morning to check out of the room! When we saw the hotel had changed brands we thought we'd give it another go. Because it is a lovely looking hotel with an amazing pool area, which is just what we needed with the scorching temperatures at the moment. I think we've been dra

Escaping the summer heat

It is HOT here in Spain at the moment. Like open your oven hot - summer in Dubai hot, OK probably not that hot as we used to get up to 50 degrees c there in the summer. But it is scorchio here to say the least. Before you log off I'm not rubbing it in or showing off if the summer hasn't quite got started where you are. I know I'm super lucky to be living in Spain and even though both Mark and I love the heat and high temperatures of summer, life is always completely different when you live somewhere then when you go on holiday there. We are still waiting for the planning permission for our pool which is taking forever. It should have been through by now and the pool construction underway, but we're still waiting on the town hall. Believe me when I say, you NEED a pool if you're living here, or at least access to a community pool. The beaches are pretty busy here as well at the moment (we were hoping they wouldn't be because of the pandemic situation

My Spanish Vida - Welcome!

Welcome to a brand new blog name My Spanish Vida . For a while now I have been toying with a whole new blog name and domain, but just couldn't think of anything catchy or fitting. The previous name for the blog Suncream and Sparkles was a name I came up with one day sitting at our community pool when we were living in Ras al Khaimah. I obviously had some suncream on the table and the sun was sparkling . Over the years the name always bothered me and didn't completely sit well. I'd find people would be saying sunscreen instead of suncream and I felt that it sounded like it was more of a beauty blog and the name just didn't fit it's genre. A few years a go I dabbled with again a whole new blog, using a different blogging platform Wordpress. I'm currently with Blogger. I did like Wordpress and they have some good features but I felt more comfortable using Blogger so I reverted back. I found the 'blog' I was creating over on Wordpress was the sam