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Escaping the summer heat

It is HOT here in Spain at the moment.

Like open your oven hot - summer in Dubai hot, OK probably not that hot as we used to get up to 50 degrees c there in the summer. But it is scorchio here to say the least.

Before you log off I'm not rubbing it in or showing off if the summer hasn't quite got started where you are.

I know I'm super lucky to be living in Spain and even though both Mark and I love the heat and high temperatures of summer, life is always completely different when you live somewhere then when you go on holiday there.

We are still waiting for the planning permission for our pool which is taking forever. It should have been through by now and the pool construction underway, but we're still waiting on the town hall.

Believe me when I say, you NEED a pool if you're living here, or at least access to a community pool. The beaches are pretty busy here as well at the moment (we were hoping they wouldn't be because of the pandemic situation, but they're still too busy for us) so cooling off in the sea is a bit of a no go either, as I just get too twitchy and it's not fun and not worth the risk.

We have got a freestanding outside shower in our garden that hooks up to the hose pipe. Which has been an absolute godsend, but again soon as you're back on the sunbed you're ready to get back under the shower to cool off again.

Luckily, on many levels, my mum and step-dad also live in Spain and are only about half an hour away, so we've been using their community pool a couple of times a week, but we do feel a bit cheeky going over there all the time to use the pool. My mum always ends up making us lunch and we do feel a little guilty that we're eating all their food and drinking their drinks. I think she enjoys it though!

Usually in the summer we would of gone to the UK for a little visit and even gone away on holiday somewhere, but with Covid that is not an option for us. But it got us thinking about a little staycation locally.

There are some lovely hotels within a 30-45 minute drive from where we are and we were really surprised at some of the prices at the moment and how much they vary from one booking site to another.

We have actually booked ourselves a night away in a lovely hotel in Torre Pacheo. A 5 star hotel with a king bed for €79! On it was showing €99 but after a little search we looked on and got it for cheaper.

I think at the moment hotels are suffering too and trying to get back on their feet. Choosing a staycation wherever you are in the world I think is definitely the way forward. You get to explore more of your local area, it'll generally be just a short car journey away where you can take as much luggage as you want, as you don't have to worry about the airline baggage restrictions and you're helping the local economy too.

We're really looking forward to a night away as we will get two days of chilling by a pool, keeping cool and working on our tans. As well as getting that holiday feeling by staying in a lovely hotel.

Can't wait!

Have you got anything planned to to escape the summer heat?!

x Heather

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  1. Wow that sounds hot! I’m not surprised that you are looking to get a pool, it must be unbearable some days. I remember being in Malta years ago and the temperature was 35 degrees and I found that far too hot so I think I’d just stay indoors if it was 50 🤣. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain, it looks so beautiful and the food is amazing. Closest I’ve been is Tenerife but hopefully some day after this pandemic is over we can get over. Enjoy your staycation xx

    1. Hey! It has been hot lol, not complaining though haha.... sometimes we do just stay indoors with the aircon on! Spain is fab, hope you make it over soon xx


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