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My Spanish Vida - Welcome!

Welcome to a brand new blog name My Spanish Vida.

For a while now I have been toying with a whole new blog name and domain, but just couldn't think of anything catchy or fitting.

The previous name for the blog Suncream and Sparkles was a name I came up with one day sitting at our community pool when we were living in Ras al Khaimah. I obviously had some suncream on the table and the sun was sparkling. Over the years the name always bothered me and didn't completely sit well.

I'd find people would be saying sunscreen instead of suncream and I felt that it sounded like it was more of a beauty blog and the name just didn't fit it's genre.

A few years a go I dabbled with again a whole new blog, using a different blogging platform Wordpress. I'm currently with Blogger. I did like Wordpress and they have some good features but I felt more comfortable using Blogger so I reverted back. I found the 'blog' I was creating over on Wordpress was the same as here. The name for the Wordpress blog was 'My Spanish Vida'. At the time though I hadn't bothered buying the domain as I wanted to test out blogging over there first. I kept it as

Coming back over to my Blogger blog Suncream and Sparkles, the Wordpress one had just been parked and still is. I haven't deleted it as it's nice I think in the future to look back on those posts and what I was doing and thinking at that time.

Which brings us up to the present day. A few weeks ago my domain was up for renewal and I was feeling, if I'm honest, completely bummed out about my blog and increasingly losing interest in it. I didn't renew the domain and the blog just slipped back to

After chatting at lengths with Mark about my blog, I decided I did want to continue blogging and we would try to come up with a new blog name to see if that would give me and the blog a new lease of life.

Lot's of random titles were going back and forth. The coffee table had scraps of paper all over it with words and ideas scribbled on, but nothing seemed quite right.

Then one day in the car driving back from the shops I said, 'shall I resurrect My Spanish Vida' but actually buy the domain and go for it.

Yes! My Spanish Vida definitely seems to be the right name for my blog. We live in Spain, the blog fits into the 'lifestyle' category and I look at it as a kind of diary if you like about my life (vida). My Spanish Vida was the way to go.

When we got home I popped onto and searched the domain. I actually didn't think it would be there, but it was available and a few clicks later it was mine.

Along with changing the blog name I have also updated my Instagram and Twitter handles which are both @myspanishvida.

I hope you like the new blog name and continue to follow our life and adventures here in Spain and beyond.

Hasta luego!

x Heather

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