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Blogging tips ~ Basic/Beginner

~ Disclaimer - this post is just a light hearted look at the very basic blogging tips. I do not have high DA or high stats, but I thought some of the things I have picked up over years may be helpful. Even if just one person takes one thing I've shared as useful info, then this post is worthwhile. This post also contains affiliate links ~ I'm laughing at myself a little bit writing this post as I want to be very clear that I'm not an award winning blogger, I don't have a high da score and I don't really have many page views at the moment. You're probably wondering to yourself why am I even writing this post if I'm not a far flung award winning blogger? Well, this is it. I call myself a blogger, because well I have a blog and I document stuff. I've had my blog for over eight years now and even though I haven't had a breakthrough (yet) I have picked up a couple of things along the way. I have also been asked before by friends about starting a blog, so

How to do your cars ITV/MOT in Spain

  ~ Disclaimer - this post is not associated with any ITV centres in Spain or anything that they maybe connected with them. I am also not a car mechanic of any sorts and I would always advise to seek professional advice. This post is simply sharing my experience of an ITV ~ It's that time when Marks car is due it's ITV, which is similar to the UK's MOT. In Spain your car has it's first ITV check when it's 4 years old. Then every 2 years up until the car is 10, then it's checked every year. When living in another country and not really knowing the lingo, these type of things can seem a little daunting at times and it may feel easier to just throw money at things to get someone to do it for you.  Which I think happens a lot when it comes to getting your cars ITV. A lot of garages offer a service where they will do a pre-itv check and then take your car to the test centre and do it for you. Sounds great doesn't it. Which it is don't get me wrong at all, it&

La Mirada - La Zenia Beach

  You've probably heard me talk about La Mirada before or seen some pictures shared on my  Instagram  page as La Mirada is still one of our go-to places for coffee/breakfast/lunch and even dinner too. For the last 6 or 7 years ever since we first bought our house on the Costa Blanca South and even now when we've moved a little bit further up to Pilar de la Horadada, La Mirada at La Zenia beach is somewhere we still love to visit regularly.  Name & location ~  Restaurante   La Mirada, Paseo del Mar 2, Urb. La Zenia 03189                                           (situated next door to Hotel Servigroup La Zenia) To Eat ~ We love Tapas. Such a huge variety. Magra con tomate is my favourite and Mark loves the      Calamari alla romana. The meatballs and garlic prawns are very tasty and their patatas fritas (chips) are really good as well. I can also recommend the Chicken caesar salad and the pizzas. We are also partial to stopping by for a breakfast croissant, usually ham &

Campoamor Beach

Campoamor Beach has always been one of our favourite spots here on the Costa Blanca South. The two restaurants that sit right on the edge of the beach are La Barraca and Montepiedra. We actually haven't got round to eating in La Barraca yet even though the menu looks beautiful and we have only ever had snacks in Montepiedra, but that aside they're both such perfect places to sit with a coffee, soak up the sea air whilst watching the world go by. Sadly when we went for a walk there the other day they were both closed up for the season. Covid aside I think they would be closed anyway, as many places do shut from January into February here. It doesn't stop us from spending time at Campoamor beach though. We love to walk along the beach promenade and then around to the marina. Back in September 2019 when the 'gota fria' hit it damaged the beach front in Campoamor pretty bad. They've had a temporary wooden walkway there for quite a while now. It was definitely there

Happy new year

Happy new year ~ Sorry I'm late ~ I know it's 9 days into January already, possibly 10 by the time I publish this post, but I am still positive for the new year ahead of us and I think you should be too. The world is still a crazy place. At the stroke of midnight on December 31st we didn't suddenly bounce into a Covid free, everything springing back to normal fluffy bunny place again, but we did enter a brand new year.  Even though I know you can have a fresh start any day, any month and basically anytime of the year, but there is something refreshing about January isn't there? It does feel like the slate is wiped clean somehow with twelve fresh months to explore.  The world is still grim regarding Covid. There's no two ways about it and there's no way of putting a fluffy positive spin on it because it sucks. But what we can do is this. We know it exists. We know they're working on vaccines. We know we all have to be super flexible, like super star yoga teac