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Happy new year

Happy new year

~ Sorry I'm late ~

I know it's 9 days into January already, possibly 10 by the time I publish this post, but I am still positive for the new year ahead of us and I think you should be too.

The world is still a crazy place. At the stroke of midnight on December 31st we didn't suddenly bounce into a Covid free, everything springing back to normal fluffy bunny place again, but we did enter a brand new year. 

Even though I know you can have a fresh start any day, any month and basically anytime of the year, but there is something refreshing about January isn't there? It does feel like the slate is wiped clean somehow with twelve fresh months to explore. 

The world is still grim regarding Covid. There's no two ways about it and there's no way of putting a fluffy positive spin on it because it sucks. But what we can do is this. We know it exists. We know they're working on vaccines. We know we all have to be super flexible, like super star yoga teacher flexible regarding lock downs and restrictions. We have to basically be British and make a cup of tea and bloody well just get on with things. We can work round it. I'm not talking about bending the rules, you shouldn't do that! I am suggesting that we have to adapt our lives and fit. Make it work. Don't let it beat us!

Here in Spain we haven't got a new lock down, yet, but we have recently had tighter restrictions brought in. Restaurants and bars closing at 5pm, maximum table of 4 and curfew at 22.00. The Spanish government have said they won't have a national lock down again, but they have left it to the regional governments to make the decisions for their areas.

We're in the Valencian region and they have just said they won't rule out home confinement. 

So Mark and I are going to make sure we have some diy materials in for some projects we want to do, just in case. You see we all, no matter where we are in the world have to be flexible.

It is hard to be stuck at home, but we have to try to remain positive. I mean we have tv's, internet, books and home delivery. I think we can survive. 

My spanish vida happy new year

If you are in a lock down or not and you find yourself one day that it's gone 15.30 in the afternoon, you're still in your pj's, got daytime tv on in the background aimlessly scrolling through insta on your phone and maybe your biggest achievement of the day is cleaning your teeth, well that is bloody ok in my book!

You don't have to be learning a new language, finding yourself, becoming a health guru or starting your own business. I mean if you are that's brill of course, but if you're not that is totally cool too ♥

Sometimes in life we can be so hard on ourselves and we have to give ourselves some slack sometimes. Just give ourselves a break. Especially now, right?

This year I'm guessing is going to be all over the place again, but we have to hang in there, try to put a positive spin on things. For example in the UK I think you're allowed out for exercise, we weren't allowed that here in Spain in our lock down, so please make sure you do some outdoor exercise everyday. (I'm not talking mega hikes or taking yourself off to a busy country walk, because lock down is still on!) but a 10 min walk around the block is perfect. It will do wonders for your mind and also if you were anything like me in the last lock down I think I gained nearly a stone, whoops haha, she says thinking about the caramel Aero stashed in the kitchen at the back of the top cupboard!

I'm hoping to bring you some fun light hearted content on the blog. Maybe some Spanish escapism and holiday ideas for when we can all dust off the passports again! Or just little round-ups about daily life here in Spain and general chit-chats. That's what I like about being a lifestyle blog, you can waffle on about any old subject and it fit's, haha.

So ttfn, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance, wear a mask and all that jazz!

Have a good week, relax, don't stress, listen to music and smile!

Much love, Heather x

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