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How to do your cars ITV/MOT in Spain


ITV Pilar de la Horadada

~ Disclaimer - this post is not associated with any ITV centres in Spain or anything that they maybe connected with them. I am also not a car mechanic of any sorts and I would always advise to seek professional advice. This post is simply sharing my experience of an ITV ~

It's that time when Marks car is due it's ITV, which is similar to the UK's MOT. In Spain your car has it's first ITV check when it's 4 years old. Then every 2 years up until the car is 10, then it's checked every year.

When living in another country and not really knowing the lingo, these type of things can seem a little daunting at times and it may feel easier to just throw money at things to get someone to do it for you. 

Which I think happens a lot when it comes to getting your cars ITV. A lot of garages offer a service where they will do a pre-itv check and then take your car to the test centre and do it for you. Sounds great doesn't it. Which it is don't get me wrong at all, it's all about having peace of mind of course. But, sometimes we should try these things ourselves, because they actually turn out to be absolutely no problem at all and we probably wonder why we may of felt a bit nervous in the first place.

I understand people wanting to do a pre-itv check, but a lot of it you can check yourself. Make sure all your lights and indicators are working. Your steering is feeling OK. Your brakes too. Test your horn. Have a look over your engine for leaks. Check your tyres are all good too (if you're unsure go to Norauto, which is like a kwik-fit place and they will advise if you need new tyres and we found them to be a really good price too). 

We did our ITV a week early just in case it failed so that we had time to get anything fixed. Luckily ours passed no problems, phew! If yours does fail, don't worry about not being able to read Spanish as they will give you a piece of paper with what was failed and then you can take it to your preferred garage to get the items fixed. You have a month to fix the items and re-do the ITV.

Booking your appointment

You don't actually need an appointment you can just turn up and wait in the queue.

You can easily book an appointment online here → ITV Website ←

Or you can drop into the test centre you want to use.


There are three test centres in our area for the Costa Blanca South

~ Torrevieja

~ Orihuela - San Bartolomé

~ Pilar de la Horadada - which is the one we went too - also I read somewhere that the one in Pilar is the quietest if you're just going to 'turn up' without an appointment. We had an appointment for 09.30 but got there early and were seen straight away - we were out by 09.10!)

Documents you need

~ The green log book

~ Technical data sheet

~ Your car insurance details


Ours was €51, but Marks car is a 3 litre diesel. On their website is a list of prices to give you an idea          → ITV prices ←

What happens on the day

When you arrive at the ITV test centre you book yourself in at the reception. Have the documents listed above at the ready and the receptionist will do the rest. They will ask you to sign (firma) the pad, give you your documents back on a little clipboard with a piece of paper with the price, you pay first, cash or card and then they tell you which lane to go to, 1 or 2. 

Once back in your car just drive round to the lane they told you at reception. At Pilar de la Horadada there are only the 2 lanes and then you wait to be called through.

It's like a drive thru experience. You stay in the car (with your mask on) and the examiner will talk you through it. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish because we know very little and we got through it! Our examiner spoke some English and there were no problems at all. Just politely ask them 'habla Inglés' (speak English?) and of course remember your 'por favor y gracias' please and thank you's! You'll have no problem.

The examiner will take the little clipboard from you and then will simply ask you to do your indicators, check your lights including the brake and reversing lights and sound the horn. He lifted the bonnet to check for leaks. They ask you to slowly move the car forward and ask you to rev to 4000RPM. They also go down into the pit to check underneath your car and will call out for you to turn your steering wheel left and right a few times. The examiner also inspected the tyres too. 

He then went away for a couple of minutes then came back with our new ITV sheet and the ITV sticker for your windscreen.

That was it. So easy and quick, it only took about 20 mins. It was such a simple procedure, the staff were all friendly and helpful. We were so impressed at how organised it was and actually it was quite comforting being able to stay with your car to see what's going on and knowing first hand at what's being checked and not forgetting the money we saved by doing it ourselves too.

Is your car due an ITV soon? Do you think you'll give it a go yourself now? Or have you done it yourself before? 

Good luck!

x Heather

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