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Choosing a name for your blog


my spanish vida

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Since writing the post 'Blogging tips ~ Basic/Beginners' I keep thinking about the part about choosing a name for your blog. If you've been here a while you'd know that this blog was originally called Suncream and Sparkles ~ which I have written about why I changed my blog name here.

Even though I do love my new blog name and I don't regret changing it I do wish I had taken more time and consideration in the very beginning when first starting my blog, or at least before buying the domain.

You see blogging, even now for me who's been doing it for a fair few years, it really is a constant learning curve where you're always discovering new ways and new ideas to tweak and improve your blog.

If you're debating on what name to choose for your blog, keep brainstorming a bit longer, really think about your genre, location of your blog - will that location change? 

Sometimes I think by calling my blog My Spanish Vida I've pinned myself into a bit of a corner that it's always going to be Spain orientated. Even though we have no intention of moving from Spain you just never know what the future holds.

I am pleased I left Suncream and Sparkles behind as even though it's a cute name it just never fitted well with me, but I am thinking I should of maybe called my blog 'Heather Elizabeth Blogs' or something similar. Heather because that's my name lol, Elizabeth is my unofficial middle name. I haven't the faintest idea why, but I do remember when I was about three or four my Mum and Dad randomly decided my Sister and I should have middle names! I have never officially used Elizabeth as it's not on my birth certificate or anything, but it does have quite a nice ring to it.

I have noticed online people do tend to use their names for their blog. I do like the idea I must admit. It means your blog then can naturally change and evolve with you as your lifestyle and interests change.

On the other hand it's not a huge deal about getting your blog name right as once you have your loyal readers they'll probably refer to you as your name anyway. Saying that though it takes time to build a following and readership up so you want something catchy, memorable and fitting to the genre you're going to be blogging about. 

If you haven't fully decided on your blog name yet it doesn't mean you can't start your blog. Still set up your account with the .wordpress or .blogspot in it and just hold fire buying your domain name. It means you can still get on with writing your posts, playing around with the layout on your blog, get it looking how you want and start forming those online friendships.

Another thing which I've only recently discovered is that once you buy your domain it's age starts ticking. The older your blog domain is the better. So some would say, get the domain bought asap so it can start ageing, which yes of course, but only if you're 100% sure that's what you want it to be called. It is a headache changing your domain later down the road, but obviously it is possible to change it because I did it last year. It has meant 7 years of blogging has in a flash gone back to zero, well not quite but my blog isn't even classed as a year old because the domain name is less then a year old. I hope that makes sense!

I found this out when I got back in touch with a company that I used to collaborate with and would place posts on my blog. They said that they wouldn't be able to collaborate at the moment as my domain is still fairly new. So yes, 7 years of my blog doesn't count, in the domain world anyway.

my spanish vida blogging

So in a nutshell, brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm. Think about the genres and what you want your blog to be about. I'd suggest use your name or maybe a nickname within the title ~ safe bet. Or use something that doesn't completely narrow you down to a location or type of blog - other then using 'lifestyle' in the title, as that let's face it covers all bases! 

Also have fun with choosing a name for your blog as your blog is also an extension of you.

I hope this helps and also check out 'Blogging tips ~ Basic/Beginner' for some more ideas for starting up your blog.

If you are ready to buy your domain I used GoDaddy for both of mine and found them really easy to use and they're helpful too if you needed some extra help or advice.

x Heather

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