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Getting motivated to exercise

My spanish vida exercise

Getting motivated to exercise for me is probably one of the hardest things. I don't know why, as in my head I'd love to be one of these fitness girls you see all over Instagram all happy, bouncy and always raring to go. I always feel good after I've exercised so I really don't know why it takes me ages to get myself motivated.

I'm 39 now and I know I need to lose weight. I'm not drastically overweight it's more of a personal thing. The usual story that my clothes are getting snugger, I'm out of breath a lot quicker after just doing the simplest tasks and I'm snoring a lot more at night, which my doctor did say could be because I've put on a few extra pounds.

Over the last 9 years I've actually put on 20 lbs! That's crazy isn't it. The weight has literally been sneaking up on me and the fat has gradually been moving in a pound at a time. Crafty little thing really. 

It has got to the stage where enough is enough and I need, probably for health reasons thinking about it, as much as 'vanity' reasons to do something about it.

I can sit here and blame last years lock down for most of the weight gain and probably come up with an excuse for each pound that I've gained, but that's all what they are, excuses.

It's time to actually take responsibility for it and be accountable for myself. No more excuses or shying away from the problem. It's time to tackle it straight on, be a grown up and take responsibility for getting motivated to exercise.

When I was reading Living.Pretty.Happy one day, I read one of Alex's posts about How to make yourself exercise (even when you don't want to) it really inspired me and made me really think that it is time to get myself motivated and take account of me and my fitness.

I thought about what exercise I like, what I will stick to and when would I do it. Walking was the front runner. Now I know there's nothing ground breaking about going for a walk, but for me I know it works. A half an hour walk at least five times a week really does make a difference and it's something I enjoy and can stick too. That's the thing about exercise it has to be something you enjoy otherwise you will just quit at the first hurdle.

I like going for my 'exercise' walks first thing in the morning, before my day get's going. I find when I wake up early if I have my walking clothes all out and ready to go I actually do get on and get going. It's weird because if I don't have my walking stuff ready I just end up faffing around, it's really bizarre. Also it's about getting into a habit. A healthy habit. The more I push myself the more it becomes the norm. Like putting the kettle on in the morning or brushing your teeth. My walk will just be a regular part of the normal daily routine.

When I go for my morning walks they really do get you going and I have such a buzz when I get home. I also have noticed the days that I do do some exercise I am more productive and active throughout the day.

'I really regret that workout, said NO-ONE ever'

Also by me writing this blog post it's as though I'm saying it all out loud so now there is no going back, I have to keep up with the daily walks. Which I will. I just need to remember how good I feel after my daily walk.

Another thing that is keeping both Mark and I motivated is our daily step count. It's on our phones and at the moment it's only set to a target of 6000 steps which I know is nothing and we probably should be doing way more, but it's a start. It really helps you to realise how lazy sedentary we've been. It's quite an eye opener really. It's fun though that we both keep an eye on our steps and we have a bit of friendly rivalry at who's doing the most steps throughout the day. 

I've also dug out the skipping ropes that were in the 'exercise equipment box' in the cellar. Cor that sounds like Mark and I are a couple of fitness gurus doesn't it! Far from it haha. Said box has some boxing gloves in and the skipping ropes. Sounds pretty good though doesn't it. Now that we've had the pool and patio done I've got a big space to practice skipping. I had a little go the other day and blimey I'm like Bambi. I used to skip for hours when I was a little girl. I'm going to need some practice on the skipping front that's for sure. It's all good fun though and the main thing to remember is the way you feel after you've exercised, which is always positive and good.

Do you find it hard to get motivated to exercise? What do you do to get yourself moving? Or are you super into exercise and can't get enough?

Let me know all in the comments below...

x Heather

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  1. Hi Heather! Obviously I can completely relate to your experience here. I think walking is so underrated. Now that we're allowed I make a point to meet a friend for an exercise walk regularly. I do want to take up running again but for now, just moving in whatever way I feel motivated to will be good enough. Enjoy the skipping, it's supposed to be brilliant for you x

    1. I love walking, I wish I had someone to go with, I think it helps keep you motivated if you know you have to meet someone! I've still got to get the skipping rope back out haha, but I'm making sure I'm getting those steps in and working on myself pushing myself each day xx


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