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Finding my exercise

My previous post  Getting motivated to exercise  I was chatting about finding my exercise, an exercise I would stick to and do on a regular basis. Something that not only I would stick to, but something I would enjoy too. And I think I've finally found my exercise. Swimming! After writing my last post - which I can't believe was way back in March - Mark and I have finally started doing regular exercise, we've been watching what we eat and having quite a bit of a lifestyle overhaul. It's something we've done slowly and haven't made huge drastic changes overnight, but we have been gradually making subtle changes including finding an exercise we enjoy and things have started to change. I mentioned in my previous  post about keeping track of the number of steps we do in a day. Our phone tracks them and are set at 6K. Now I know that may not seem many to some, but it is quite surprising how some days the steps tick by in a flash and others you look at the counter la