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Alternative selfcare

After what has been quite a stressful morning between multiple cat fights, yes Lily is on the rampage not just with Mumma Bear now, but Dusty too. She seems to have it in for her fluffy sisters from a different mister! Literally she went for Dusty and they were in a ball behind the settee, Dusty screaming and I couldn't get them apart. Dusty managed to get away leaving behind a wee and a little poop too. My little baby was soo scared, she hid in the en-suite for hours. 

I had to keep shutting doors to keep them all separated as well as keeping a close eye on Lily until she settled down. She eventually took herself off to a the playroom and fell asleep in a pod bed. 

With all that happening and websites majorly playing up as I was trying to book some flights to go back to Riyadh, as well as trying to book a PCR test, my brain was truly frazzled and I needed to de-stress.

Which got me to thinking about self care and needing to take a bit of time out. I'm sure you all can relate to this. Everyone's life and stresses are different and one persons stress doesn't out do someone else's, as it's all relative to your own personal life. But what we all do have in common is the need to take a time out, take a minute and find that inner calm again.

I woke up this morning feeling quite refreshed. I had a fairly good sleep for a change and I woke up to Mumma Bear cuddling up to me and she started purring and licking my hand when I opened my eyes. 

Then not soon after all hell broke loose. 

Now every ones calmed down and I reckon I have a few hours until the crazy felines wake from their slumber it's time to regain a little bit of my zen that I woke up with this morning.

Which got me to thinking about an alternative selfcare, just something bitesize, something that doesn't require me to spend anything and I'm certainly not in the mood to leave the house - even though I think for some people going for a walk, meeting a friend/family member would do them the world of good. I just wasn't feeling that energy today.

Usually selfcare for me is having a lovely soak in a bubble bath with all my favourite products, which do always work a treat. But today I was thinking what else can I do different to relieve the frazzled feeling from this morning antics. To find some sort of alternative selfcare to the normal obvious things.

Girl relaxing on bed

Nothing. The answer is nothing. Selfcare doesn't always have to mean the fancy spas, the beauty products promising you all sorts of magical life changing moments. Sometimes selfcare can just mean, shutting the laptop, putting on some relaxing music, a simple bit of tv nothing too taxing or just sitting in silence with a cup of tea or coffee and just being. Taking a deep breath, not having to interact with anyone and just literally re-group with yourself. 

Make yourself a lovely lunch and weather permitting sit outside to take in some fresh air. 

Sometimes I find it really is simply the simple things that brings you back to feeling relaxed again. 

So for me, it's time to close the laptop for a couple of hours, make a big cup of tea, I might boil some eggs to make some egg mayo sandwiches and just, be. 

Selfcare sometimes is simply about stopping, re-grouping with yourself and finding some calm with your mind. About getting back on track with your day. When you give yourself some time to do this everything will be back aligned and you will continue with your day and probably end up being more productive then if you continued the day in a brain frazzled mess.

It's so important to apply a little selfcare regularly, even in bitesize portions and take some time out for you. 

xx Heather

Tell me how you relax if things have gone a bit stressful and manic? 

Let me know your best selfcare tips in the comments below ♥

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