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My Spanish Vida is a personal lifestyle blog written by myself, 
Heather Townsend.

Anything that I do include in the blog is just my general outlook, thoughts and opinions. 

I do however accept collaborations posts, which are always stated as 'Collaboration' at the beginning of the post. I will only accept posts that I have enjoyed reading myself and think said post fits 'My Spanish Vida' and where I am in life at that moment in time. I have been paid a small fee for my time with these posts.

Some posts will contain affiliate links. I use Skimlinks (← yes, this is an affiliate link!) for my affiliate links. I will always state again at the beginning of a post if there are affiliate links within it. Also the link will be highlighted in bold. If you click on the link and decide to buy through it, the product or service will not cost you a penny more then if you say went direct yourself. All that happens is the company will pay me a very small amount of commission for sharing their link and promoting their business if you like. 

I do try to use my own photos where possible especially when I am chatting about a travel post, but sometimes I do use stock images from Pixabay. They state you don't need to credit the owner, but that is where I get some of my images from.

All gifted products again will be stated at the beginning of a post very clearly that a particular product has been gifted, as then the post I'm writing acts like an ad (I think!).

I try to be as transparent as possible and how I understand the new rules of blogging regarding gifts, paid posts and ads. If you believe I have missed something or am not doing something correctly please drop me an email on or dm me via Twitter or Instagram

Also if you would like to work with me please feel free to contact me on

x Heather 


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